Teen Anxiety

Hey it’s Dr. Brian, I just want to talk to you a little about teen anxiety. We all know about social media and its role in today’s society. But I would like to talk about other causative factors that may contribute to anxiety. First off the body is designed to heal. We help to find the root cause that is preventing wellness. Often times we are addressing hormones and acne along with anxiety. Confidence is key, so we address the underlying factors that lead to acne, pcos, and hormonal imbalances. Another possible cause that affects the body during anxiety is post-concussion syndrome where we work with the N.S. To set the brain back in balance by replenishing its nutrient supply. With this,  addressing pain management, and helping to manage adrenaline. Once adrenaline drops the body can begin healting. Another area of interest are co-infections and  the affect on the body and mind. With this we use innovative testing and treatment to find and treat hidden infections. Once addressed the whole body is strengthened and the person has more energy to develop coping skills and the confidence to go through the healing process that is needed to move forward and get the most out of life and their talents.

Lastly the role of genetics is playing a big part in addressing anxiety. We often run genetic profiles and integrate those results into the patients treatment plan. Here we address MTHFR and methylation issues with lifestyle and supplements. The journey is worth the effort. Hundreds of young adults have been under our care and amazed us with their ability to face adversity, develop coping skills and find creative ways to be happy again. For more information and to seek how we can help you and what the the next steps are call.

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