Where we were at a year ago is a totally different conversation today.  Something must be working. Developmental peds was astounded by the positive change from a year ago

Mom of Violet, a 3-year old Autistic child.

My son Michael has been seen by Dr Henninger  for his Down’s Syndrome since he was twelve weeks of age.  He helped us with his constipation, low tone, and reflux. We have blended  supplements with homeopathy, cranialsacral treatments as well as nutrition. He helped me put my research into perspective by listening to my ideas and used his skills as a pediatric naturopathic doctor to come up with a treatment strategy that was unique  to Michael.

Michael Ohara

Daniel is my Autistic son that has been under Dr. Brian’s care since 2010. Since then his sleep, speech and behaviors have improved dramatically. In the past he would be up all night and wake restless and have difficulties with his focus at school.  Through Dr. Brian we have changed Daniel’s diet, introduced supplements, and used Craniosacral therapy to help keep him as functional and happy as possible.

Daniel's Parents

I wound not drive this far if you weren’t such a good doctor and a wealth of information!


My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Henninger since she was 7 months of age.  We were able treat her ear infections, reflux, and colds/flus naturally without the use of antibiotics. In addition he helped diagnose Hashimoto thyroid disease and direct her to early treatment at Yale.  Her scoliosis also improved from 12.7 degrees to 9 degress of spinal curvature using Craniosacral therapy, Homeopathy, and Cupping.

Violet Diaz

Thanks to Dr Henninger life at home with my Autistic son is getting better.  He now takes his supplements without a fuss and his digestion is better as well. He listens more with better eye contact. In addition we now can leave him with a sitter without tantrums and behavioral issues. We continue to see Dr. Henninger for cold/flu prevention and cranialsacral therapy and further guidance with supplements.

Nicholas Bouton

We had heard from our Dermatologist that Doctor Henninger helps treat the whole person.  With that, he helped me treat a difficult skin condition and stomach  pains and helped boost my immune system using nutrition, craniosacral therapy and acupuncture.  My energy is better and I am confident I can return to my sophomore year in college basically symptom free.

Julia Brown

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