Craniosacral Therapy and Concussions

Impact on individual

  • Loss of school, sports and social function
  • Loss of cognitive function
  • Headaches


Impact on family

  • Parent at home with child
  • Lack of success with only mainstream medicine
  • Aftermath of PCS (summer school, headaches, ADD)         

Assessing fit with our practice

  • Great fit if they understand time and money and all are met
  • Heals brain in stages:
    1.) Increase cognitive
    2.) Increase energy
    3.) Decrease headache and heal brain inflammation   


Individuals with successful outcomes frequently work with the following types of providers for support:
  • Neurologists
  • Physical Therapy
  • PCS specialist in Fairfield


Initial diagnosis\treatment steps\outcomes
  • Concussion with headache, Vertigo, Fatigue – Treatment A.S.A.P
  • Cranial sacral therapy\Acupuncture, HBOT, Homeopathy, Diet- individual workup
  • Rule out Co-infection


Ongoing treatment steps\outcomes
  • Monthly treatment to sustain equilibrium
  • Effort required from family\employer/school

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